Dangerous & Defective Products

Taking Action In Cases Involving dangerous and Defective Products

From inherent flaws to inadequate warnings, manufacturers can be legally accountable when end users are injured by their products. The Wozniak Law Group, P.C., has a successful record in product liability litigation, recovering damages for serious injuries from dangerous devices and defective products.

Our law firm handles personal injury litigation in Mendon, Milford, Worcester County and throughout Massachusetts. In a free case evaluation, we can determine if you have grounds for a lawsuit against a manufacturer, distributor or installer of a product that caused lasting injury or death.

A Strong Track Record In Products Liability

Trial lawyer John M. Wozniak, Esq., has obtained notable verdicts and settlements against product makers. For example, he represented a teenager who suffered burns over eighty percent of his body in a workplace toluene explosion. The defendant oil company initially offered just $100,000 but we eventually won $1.75 million ($2.9 million with interest) in jury trial, the 10th largest award in the entire state that year.

We have pursued third-party claims against manufacturers in work accident and explosions cases, as well as stand-alone lawsuits for product liability. We will explore any type of dangerous product case, including:

  • Ladders, lawn mowers and power tools
  • Toxic or hazardous toys
  • Children’s clothing or infant sleepwear
  • Auto defects
  • Pharmaceuticals and medical devices
  • Other consumer products
  • Negligent assembly or installation of machines and appliances

An Extra In The Pursuit Of Justice

Before his legal career, John M. Wozniak attended a vo-tech school and worked as a machinist and tool and die maker. He understands engineering schematics and other technical facets of defective product litigation in a way that few attorneys are able to. In representing a man whose finger was severed in the simple act of lifting a new gas grill into his truck, Mr. Wozniak conducted his own measurements and calculations. He uncovered a design flaw involving sharp metal edges that effectively created a miniature guillotine; the company settled within sixty days on the basis of our in-house detective work.

We are also prepared to invest in outside experts when needed, and we are not afraid to go to trial against major corporations and insurance companies. There is no cost or obligation to have compensation. Arrange a free consultation with our defective products lawyer at 508-422-7121 or contact us online.