Motorcycle Accidents

Working With Clients After A Motorcycle Accident

Drivers often fail to see motorcycles until it’s too late, seriously injuring bike operators and their passengers. To make matters worse, negligent drivers and their insurance adjusters, and sometimes witnesses or investigating officers, wrongly blame the motorcyclist.

The Wozniak Law Group, P.C., in Mendon, Massachusetts, provides experienced representation to hold the right parties accountable. We aggressively pursue the personal injury compensation you deserve. Get help today with your motorcycle injury claim. We take cases in Milford, Mendon, Franklin and throughout Worcester county.

Our Attorney Rides A Motorcycle. He Gets It.

Attorney John M. Wozniak, Esq., has successfully handled many bike accident claims in 24 years of practice. He also rides a Harley and understands the dangers that motorcyclists face every time they venture out onto the roadway.

He is the experienced advocate you need if you or your loved one was badly injured in a motorcycle accident. Our legal team can address the issues that the injured parties commonly face:

  • Misplaced blame for the accident
  • Medical bills in the absence of PIP insurance
  • Permanent or disfiguring injuries
  • Lost time from work
  • Compensation for your damaged or totaled bike
  • Coverage for motorcycle passengers

We take immediate action to establish insurance coverage for serious injury from a motorcycle crash. When liability is in question, we know how to demonstrate the negligence of the other driver, such as turning left, changing lanes, pulling out or texting while driving.

Aggressive Legal Advocates

John Wozniak in an experienced trial lawyer who has obtained notable verdicts and settlements for clients. His goal is to resolve your case as efficiently as possible, but he is always prepared to go to court if necessary to get a good result.

You can count on our motorcycle accident attorney to fight for you and respond to your questions and concerns. Call 508-422-7121 or email us to arrange a free consultation.