Worker’s Compensation

Pursuing Workers’ Compensation Benefits

A work injury compromises your ability to support yourself and your family. You deserve to be fully compensated, but it will not happen automatically. You should seek legal help to protect your livelihood and pursue all of your potential remedies.

The Wozniak Law Group, P.C., serves workers who were injured on the job in Mendon, Milford, Franklin and surrounding communities of Worcester County. We provide aggressive representation for personal injury claims arising from serious work-related accidents. Our firm also works closely with a workers’ compensation specialist to maximize your employer-paid benefits. Get a free evaluation today.

Third-Party Liability For Workplace Injuries

Under Massachusetts law, workers, compensation is the “exclusive remedy” for job-related injuries. This means that your employer must provide medical wage loss benefits without regard to fault, but in turn you cannot sue your employer or co-worker.

However, you may be able to sue third parties who are responsible to your work-related injury. That is where personal injury lawyer John M. Wozniak, Esq., and his twenty-plus years of experience come in. He acts swiftly to identify liability parties outside of the chain employment and establish insurance coverage. For example, a property owner, subcontractor, or a manufacturer might be held responsible for causing your work-related injury.

Past Representation In Workers’ Comp Matters

We have distinguished a record of results in personal injury litigation, including verdicts and settlements in work injury cases. For example, The Wozniak Law Group, P.C., represented a Teamster who suffered aggravation of an existing hernia in a pallet jack accident at a work site. We settled on the first day of trial for $265,000, an indication of the strength of the case we prepared.

We have represented firefighters, police officers, EMTs, nurses, truck drivers, factory workers and laborers, construction workers and tradesmen, and people in a wide range of occupations. Our legal team handles all types of work injuries, including:

  • Stairway falls and slip-and-falls
  • Machinery and equipment accidents
  • Falls from heights
  • Work-related auto accidents
  • Fires and explosions
  • Electric shock

In addition to traumatic accidents at work, we have obtained recovers for degenerative conditions such as carpel tunnel syndrome and workplace exposures to toxic substances.

Don’t Take Chances With Your Ability To Make Earn A Living

Mr. Wozniak can identify ALL your potential claims and effectively assert your rights in court or negotiations. We offer a free consultation and we work on contingency fee, which means we collect no attorney fees unless we recover compensation for you. There is no reason to handle this on your own – and everything to gain by working with our experienced workers’ compensation attorney. Call us at 508-422-7172 or contact us online.